- 2 years on Game Designer position [ Enixan ]
- ballancing
- game economy
- story and quests
- creating and upgrading game mechanics
- metrics analising
- level design

* full game design support for social F2P project Cloud Kingdom [US,EU,RU,JAP social networks]
ck_scr_5 ck_scr_4 ck_scr_13
* 3 game projects from scratch to approve
* terrain addon for arma3: 20x20km openworld island (in progress)
* arma3 missions for MP dedicated servers

- community missions for Arma3
- addon config editing
- AI “logic” editing
- mission logic creating
- functions creating

* serverside functions addon for my dedicated server [different missions use one custom server functions database - optimisation]

- 5 years on Account/Project Manager position in BTL/PR
- project management from idea to invoice
- outsource work management
- project quality and timing control
- documentation: contracts, costs, timing, presentations
- brainstorms
- client d2d meetings and mailing
- field control for montage, logistics, service etc.

* advertising projects for Kievstar, ExxonMobil, Coca-Cola, Nestle etc.

- sound mixing and mastering
- sound effects for games
- VST / VSTi

* custom ambient sound environment for my ARMA 3 terrain addon (rain, forest, meadows, wind, lightnings etc.)
* folio sounds for documentaries and video
* sound addon for ARMA 3: Stalker voices for arma3 AI units [2000 subscribers / 15 000 unique visitors]


* Voice game control “ASTRA” for EVE online similar to Elite Dangerous Voice command mod (personal use only)

- 8 years as Graphic designer
- textures making and editing
- Vector and raster graphics
- concept art
- preprint
- retouching and collaging
- photography

* “LensMagazine” photography magazine publication with interview (7 pages)
page 1 page 2 OTIyb7p5K04
* lead positions in weekly and monthly ratings on photo websites

- camera
- editing
- video graphics

* two documentaries about war in Ukraine. Presented on national ICTV channel and were sent to NATO from UKRAINE MINISTRY OF DEFENCE

* promo videos for Ukraine Army
* art videos for exhibitions in Ukraine, Milan, Vilnus, Miami, Venice

- Adobe [Ps,Ai,Id,Pr,Af,Lr,Au]
- Visual Studio Code
- Excell
- Ableton Live
- 3DsMax [basic]
- zBrush [basic]
- Quixel Megascans Studio
- Unreal Engine (active learning)

- Wacom Intuos
- KRK Studio Monitors + Tapco Link Firewire External Sound Card